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First Term

Identity and Stereotypes


  • Listen to someone talking about his family history.
  • Listen to a set of interviews.
  • Listen to people talk about landmarks in their lives.
  • Listen to people talk about their regrets.
  • Listen to  and watch  ads that challenge stereotypes.
  • Listen to people talking about national stereotypes.
  • Listen to people describing what they like/hate about others.


  • Compare personality test results with your classmates.
  • Talk about your personality: weak and strong points.
  • Discuss peer pressure issues: Bullying, hooliganism.
  • Discuss what makes us the way we are: background/genes/culture/environment/education.
  • Discuss how to prevent and stop violent behaviour in football matches.
  • Talk about types of interviews and interview experiences: role-play an interview.
  • Talk about important people in your life.
  • Discuss the role played by media in the way we perceive ourselves.
  • Comment on results of a questionnaire on empathy.
  • Talk about and share a memorable moment in your life with your classmates.
  • Describe a photo portrait. Explain the reason of your choice.
  • Oral presentation on walls built in the last 25 years all over the world. Where? Why? How long? Type? Testimonies?


  • Read news stories
  • Read a report on football violence.
  • Read your classmates’ narratives
  • Read your classmates’ “I poems”
  • Read and answer questionnaires on gender attitudes.
  • Read texts from blogs and websites dealing with identity.
  • Read a newspaper article to identify facts and opinions.
  • Read non abridged articles on gender issues from quality newspapers
  • Read  a short story from Frozen Pizza by  Antoinette  Moses:


  • Contribute with a comment on  a forum/ web page/blog/on line magazine.
  • Write a review of an add.
  • Write a description of a person.
  • Write an “I am poem”.
  • Write a short narrative of a memorable experience. Describe your feelings and reactions.
  • Write summaries  of class sessions.
  • Write a summary of a talk.
  • Write a questionnaire.
  • Write  a set of thought provoking questions.

Language knowledge and usage


  • Relationships
  • People’s personality and looks.
  • Feelings and emotions.
  • Family.
  • Friends.
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