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Sintaxis – Apuntes de Lengua

Día corona 14. 24 de abril de 2020, viernes.

(més…) Lunes, 20 de abril de 2020. La viuda valenciana

Porcia hiriéndose en el muslo, cuadro de 1664 pintado por Elisabetta Sirani. (més…) El teatro barroco. El espectáculo total.

 Estudio 1 - La viuda valenciana - ver ahora


2.en.08 The Homes Of The Future

What do you think the homes of the future will be like?

Click on the image below and find out what the people in the BBC would like to teach us:

A taste of the future BBC (més…) La antiutopía de LAZARILLO DE TORMES (novela picaresca) frente a la utopía de las novelas idealistas renacentistas.


2.en.07 Unveiling dystopias

We have been describing and discussing different visions of the future.

As you already know depending on the way we picture it we can talk of Utopias or Dystopias.

utopian-tower-01 Dystopian-Feature-Image


2.en.06 Once Upon A Time… The Art Of Storytelling


Stories are everywhere – in newspapers, books, on TV and the internet. Every day conversation is full of anecdotes and real life stories.


1.en.05 Gender Stereotypes

Images used in the media to portray men and women are essential to build up our perception of gender stereotypes. Some brands have adopted new strategies such as challenging gender stereotypes brand themselves have contributed to build up. Building up women’s confidence and self esteem is part of their aim.

Always is a brand of sanitary pads. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess what their target group is. Recently, it launched a campaign that went viral. Have a look at the video. Do you think it is effective? Did it make you reflect? If you had been asked to run like a girl what would have been your answer?


1.en.04 Identity: Who am I? Stereotype? Stereotyped?

Captura de pantalla 2013-10-27 a la(s) 8.15.35 PM

Do you find it easy or difficult to answer the question about who you are?

What are the elements that make you the way you are? What’ your IDENTITY?





Background? (més…)

1.en.03 Let’s talk about people: describing, comparing, speculating and reacting

This post will help you when you have to talk or write about a photograph or an image.

Have a look at David Mainwood’s presentation below. He’s the English teacher and a blogger, who made this excellent presentation that will surely help you improve your oral skills and face the oral exam with much more confidence. Copy the useful language that appears in slide 28 and have it at hand. You can use the pics in David’s presentation or some others of your choice. The aim is to internalise the steps in picture description until it comes out naturally. It will take you more than one try. You have 18 slides to get you started.