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1.en.01 Playing with words

Let’s start the year playing…

Close your eyes. What is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the word  PLAY?

Write it down and share your ideas with your partners.

Look at this  dictionary entry of the word Play


3.en.10 Who are the Mediterranean migrants?

We are going to learn about four individuals who will describe why they had to leave their homes and what expectation they have about a new life in Europe.

Choose one of the migrants and follow his / her story:

Note down:

  1. why they left their country;
  2. what their expectations of a new life in Europe are,
  3. the route they followed  to reach Europe and
  4. any incident they experienced in their journey.

Now, click on the image below and find out

Mediterranean migrants

3.en.09 Escaping from War: The Journey of a Refugee




3.en.08 War and Conflict

We have learned how children use drawings to tell their experience of war.

Children and war

Click on the image below to learn how making these drawings has helped them:


2.en.07 Living in a City



We have learn a lot about people migrating to other countries, but is anything changing within countries as regards where people prefer to live?


1.en.06 People on the move: Talking about Migrations


Hi everyone! We’ve been travelling together since the beginning of the school year, haven’t we?  However, here we are  again, on the move, forced to pack. This time for a different reason, not just for pleasure. Unfortunately, current news are an endless source of information about people who are forced to leave their countries and settle elsewhere. News about people trying to reach Europe keep on hitting the headlines.


1.en.05 Planning a trip

Planning a Trip



1.en.04 Going on a trip

Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to get ready for a trip? We are going to try to ease the process by looking at the steps we must take.

My Luggage

1st What kind of luggage should I take? Look at the pic, can you name the different types of luggage in it?

Luggage numbered big (més…)

1.en.03 The longest train journeys



What are the world’s longest train journeys?

We are going to explore the longest distances you can cover on a train journey.

Ready for the journey?


1.en.02 Travelling

What is your favourite way of travelling? Do you like travelling fast or do you prefere to take your time and enjoy the journey?

Have a look at the words below; Are they all familiar to you?

Do the words travel, trip, journey, voyage or tour refer to the same thing? Click on the image below to find out.